Spelling Practice Demo

Using the SkipUse mircoservice

Having problems talking to the server.



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1) Spell the highlighted word below by typing it into the input

2) Say the word in your head before you begin typing

3) Say each letter in your head as you are typing

4) Press your device Return key when finished to check your spelling

5) As you get better at spelling a word, the word and letters may be hidden for an extra challenge

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Ignore Case: (mobile)

Spell: New


Pick Query options.

(called "searchMode" in the JSON sent)

(called "newMixInPercentage" in the JSON sent)

Don't use recently updated Picks. (called "excludeRecentPicks" in the JSON sent)
Include words that have been tagged as "stop using." (called "isIncludeStopUsing" in the JSON sent)"
Return Picks even if results come up short? (called "isGetMorePicksIfShort" in the JSON sent)

Get a debug message back in the JSON results.